Friday, May 4, 2007


I'm getting rather drained mentally, emotionally, and physically lately...I feel like I'm going to faint all day and I feel as if my head will explode? To make matters worse, I have to raise up my grades and there's barely anytime left. I try and I try and yet...I still fail. Maybe I really am a failure? I usually don't let things get me down but this time, I'm just too tired to fight anymore. I'd rather just let everything engulf me than to keep on fighting. Though they don't mean to, everyone around me is pressuring me to excel in this or that, and I, I've just lost any will to try anymore. I just want to do good without fighting anymore, I don't have the energy or will to fight. Someone just please shoot me or something. Release me from this...suffocation. I am really at my wit's end...someone, anyone, help me please?



=( I know how you feel..
before I did well in school cause I really wanted everyone around me to see how good I was..
but now sometimes I feelwho am i working hard for?myself? or my family?and I lose the motivation to do well....

but the thing is, i realized if we try our hardest and get the best grades to our ability then its all good...doesntmatterif its 90% or above or just 70%

wildcard said...

awww... *huggies* sends all her power!!! ok..SOME of her power.. she needs her power for today becausae she only slept for two hours.. =_= and i have two jobs to go to today..


DUDE how come whenever I talk to you on msn you just dissapear on me?? oO HAHAHAH WHY MUST YOU LEAVE me like that?

junsu loves you said...

hey phoebe,

it's been a long time. i know how you feel. i've been there too.

that was like in may. at that moment of time, i truly felt like i wanna just skip the whole semester.

i totally had no mood to study or even to go for classes. but i guess i pull through in

the feeling was just horrible. the fact that i don't even want to go on fighting anymore. wishing that time can just skip to something better.

hope you'll feel better now. i know that i'm like out of everyone's life for ages. i don't even know what's happening anymore. :P


PHEEEEEBS where have you beeeen??

wildcard said...

yo! don't you dare fall apart! I depend on you "ONNI!" almost everyday.. *huggies* hang in there darling.. we all have our tough times but that's when we learn. WHen the smooth times come sailing home, your IQ and EQ is pretty much waaayyy below average..