Wednesday, December 19, 2007

so i know i haven't told you guys what happened yet.
today...why i was mad. and hating myself.
it's actually quite simple.
i feel like a failure. i am a failure.
at life. at school. everything.
why do i feel that way...?
you all know i had my finals today...
and the one i needed to do good on... didn't go so well. =.=
yes. my math one.
i pretty much failed it...
and i thought 80-85% of it was really easy. XD WTE.
and i know i should've studied more.
but everything is so distracting. i know you guys don't mean to.
but everyone is a distraction to me. from school. from things i should be doing.
and i feel like a failure. because everytime i tell myself i need to work harder
i do for a little while. and completely forget about it or ignore it because of either
and now i'm stuck back in my hole again. and i don't know how to get out anymore.
yea i know i sound emo. i am EMO right now. =.=
for the 1000000000000000000000000000th time. i've failed at what i wanted to succeed in due to my laziness. stupidity. ignorance. whatever you want to call it.
and now i'm going to go eat my dinner. that's pretty much all.

and that stupid elfing MSN VIRUS
pisses me off.
because viruses are retarded and just mean.
what's the freaking purpose of it!? XD
and i hate how it sent to my some of them have it too. T_T

and why does my freaking windows manager things like my documents,my computer
always freeze when i'm trying to transfer things to my portable disk drive?!!?
i need it to work so that if my comp dies again...i'll still have my files.

wte. today is just not a good day.
but kevin made me happier. ^^ just by being himself.
i love how he smiles all the time.
no matter what. hes always smiling. i wish i could do that.
i want to do that.


Anonymous said...

aw I hope you're feeling better now. =(
yeah, exams sucked for me too. don't feel too bad and start doing better from now on! i know it's hard, but if you really try, you never know. ^^ haha

and I imagine that kevin doesn't really smile all that much.


100%SwtStar_ said...

*hugs* things will get better eventually pheebs
hold on araji ?