Monday, February 18, 2008

My ode!

ahahaha. So I had to write this ode for my English class...and my friend convinced me to write about kevin of all things. =.= It turned out quite weird...and I exaggerated it a it sounds like I'm talking about Jesus instead. =P

Here it is:

An Ode to the Perfect Guy

As I entered the pearly gates,
I heard a voice unlike any other.
"La-la-la', sang the beautiful voice,
I wondered who or what it was, for I did not know.
I looked far and near,
But could not find the source.
I searched further, and finally I had found him.
In front of me stood a man,
Nay, not quite a man, but not a youth either.
His face was equal to his voice,
More stunning than any I had met,
Gazing upon his beauty, I was appalled, and stood frozen.
It was like an angel,
Youthful and gorgeously glowing white, but not sickly pale.
Sensing my presence, the angel spoke,
Oh! That voice!
That voice which is sweeter than honey,
Even the songbirds are jealous,
Whilst speaking, joy was apparent everywhere in him,
Especially in his smile,
Never is he without a smile,
That heart piercing smile that dazzles more than the sun,
Even more shocking was his intellect,
He spoke the tongues of all, humans and animals alike.
His knowledge of all things surpassed all others.
Though he has all of these,
He is humble and meek like a lamb,
Even a lion's pride cannot match his humility,
His kindness to all is beyond human imagination,
Nature and humans alike have been blessed by him,
An injured being will be back to normal in a jiffy,
Due to him, the lives of thousands have been changed,
Ah! How I wished to enter those pearly gates again.
But alas, it is not my time yet.
Till then, I shall wait patiently for my time.

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