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This is awesome cool, I got it from a blog in multiply.. Apparently, someone's turning it's back on ELF.. I don't know but I agree with the person who wrote this.. :shock: I wonder if this would get delivered to ELF, I really would like them to read this..


I am a fan of Super Junior, I would love to call my self a big fan but I just cannot be compared to you guys who have been through a lot of extremes.. I am just an ordinary fan whose only source of news and information about Super Junior mostly comes from the power of technology, which is the internet. But one thing is for sure, I love them as much as you guys do.

Ever since the issue of adding members to the new sub-unit came about and Super Junior becoming a project group once again, I, in my own little space here at home, have been keenly watching over your takes and developments of your objectives to the point that I had to endure Goosebumps (in a good way)because you guys are really shocking when it comes to the things that you can and have done. Your unity is so admirable and the strength that you have to be able to show how much you love Super Junior is very inspirational. For I am just a mere soul hanging around the world of cyberspace, not a member of any SJ affiliations, not that rich to spend so much money for gifts to send over to Korea, not thrifty enough to be able to go to their concerts and so on, for I am so out of reach compared to you guys and I most probably am just gonna be ignored and called a lousy person by you, for all that, I am sure I know about Super Junior. I am not even close to a threat but with all due respect you have left, please hear me out..

I really wanted to be on your side, the side of those who loves SJ, with all the only13 going on, so I really did my best to understand and absorb to the best of my ability all the things you were fighting for. I agree with you on some, but it’s really hard to convince one’s self when something deep inside is very hesitant, so I waited and waited and waited.. Until SJ-M became for real.

And when it did, It finally hit me. And I finally have something to believe in and for that, I totally agree with you guys when you said that people like us, who are not part of ELF, will never ever understand.

Because that’s just the way it is right? You go on believing what you want and others will do that as well. With all these protests to oust Henry and Zhoumi, I have totally lost all the righteous respect I have strongly hold onto for so long for you guys (even if no one told me to do so), because like I said, I wanted to be on your side.

It’s just that this time, you have gone too far.. You have become hurtful (To Henry, Zhoumi and Hankyung who so innocently just want to be in his homeland and perform for his own people), disrespectful (to Hankyung’s dreams, Henry’s innocence and Zhoumi’s efforts and still you got the balls to say that people have to respect your say), sELFish (too sELFish), unwilling (unwilling to listen and be positive for once), down right mean and bad, stubborn and not a fan anymore. To my eyes, you are no longer the fans that I once adored so much, To my eyes, you have become monsters.

A fan is someone who will help you reach the top, not someone who will recklessly pull you down and celebrate your downfall. You guys being like this is the reason why I can no longer defend you when people talks trash about you, this is the reason why I can no longer stand for you. I feel bad for myself for only realizing this just now, but I most definitely am very happy that I have woken up my senses. I really did my best to hang on and wait for reasons to stay still, but the more I wait for reasons to hold on longer, the more I get the reasons to stay out of your shadows. You’ve almost brainwashed me.

I am thankful I didn’t fall for your sELFish demands and ridiculous rants, I am thankful that I am not a member of your club, I am thankful that I not a crazy fan, I am thankful I am not living a miserable life as you guys are, I am thankful I am not part of your mafia-like lifestyle who keeps on trying to manipulate more people to believe something so superficial telling them that they are protecting 13 boys for it, but most of all, I am thankful that you have lead me out to reality.. And the reality is:

Super Junior- M will have Henry and Zhoumi in it.
A lot of people think that Lee Soo Man made the right and best decision.
And we, including you will just have to deal with it!

It hurts (for you) to know the truth and it’s too bad and too sad that you can’t handle it when you are so able to do so..

The boys are extremely fine about this idea (Hankyung himself said how happy he is), If you ask me how I know that, that’s just like me asking you guys how you know if the boys are on your side.. See, we can’t put words on each other’s mouth so that being said, nobody really knows exactly how the boys feel, and you guys basing your thoughts from their actions doesn’t really verify anything, because knowing you guys, you’re imagination is too much, you make small things so big.. Too big.

We should all stop assuming things like the boys are crying over having Henry and Zhoumi in Super Junior M because boys don’t cry for having new people come into their lives and keep in mind another reality that Super Junior won’t always be hanging around with each other, because they themselves, like everybody else in the world, have other friends aside from the people you see around them. Stop putting limitations to who can and who cannot be around them.

I wanna know up to what extent are you guys going to take this so called “war” of yours? Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning on stopping you for I know that none of what I said here will change your ELF-WASHED minds, I am perfectly aware that you’re too busy deafening yourselves out so that you couldn’t hear the people laughing at you now, but really, I just wanna know..

So what guys? Until Henry and Zhoumi gets more hurt and depressed? You don’t know what could happen but they might consider suicide for this.. Remember how you killed the young girl?
So will this go on until another person dies just because you’re too sELFish to accept someone who haven’t even done anything yet? Up to where? How many more “wars” are you gonna put up? How many more pain are you going to inflict? I don’t know much about Henry and Zhoumi but I cannot believe how you guys can be so mean, rude and evil. My gosh, I can’t believe this is coming from me who once acknowledged you as my role models.. I am such a fool.

Shame on you ELF, I used to look up to you. But now, when I see you guys protesting and showing off your power to isolate Henry and Zhoumi, I see living monsters. You said SM is the enemy, but why are you guys doing this to Henry and Zhoumi? And most especially, why to Hankyung, just why? You may not hear anything from Henry and Zhoumi, maybe because they need to be strong for Super Junior M but you see the problem with being strong is that no one bothers to ask if you are hurt..

Yes, You don’t need people like me, and people like me don’t need you as well.. Supporting and loving Super Junior away from you guys is the safest thing to do, because nobody wants to be in the arms of a thousand monsters/murderers/killers/criminals.

I cannot wait for you guys to betray each other because just in case no one told you yet, A lot of people likes Suju-M. A lot!

If ever you guys get what you want, CONGRATULATIONS! But the only emotion that will reign in me is pity for Super Junior because their ELF is such a disgrace.

If something bad happens to Henry or Zhoumi, or if I find out that you guys make Hankyung cry, I will swear to the heavens on earth that you die in shame.

I really wanted to be part of ELF, but now I am already satisfied being somebody just ordinary and because satisfaction is the death of desire, I have had enough of that wanting.

I know I have offended you guys with this, but I’m not gonna say sorry because you guys deserve it. Teach yourselves respect first, before you earn my respect back.

Love, Ex-Fan of Noona ELFs.

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