Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poem =X

This was written when I was feeling the worse after I heard of kevin leaving...It's a bit emo I guess...but you know...I was on a bus with lots of people trying NOT to cry...so it was hard. XD I changed the ending to a lighter mood because...it was bothering me...hahaha.

When I heard you were gone,
My heart stopped beating,
My breath was constricted,
No longer, no longer could I differentiate anything,
Up was down,
Left was right,
Darkness was light,
My soul is empty and cold,
An unending gaping hole,
I feel suffocated,
Unable to breathe,
To move,
To do anything,
My melancholy cannot be expressed with words,
I want to cry, but the tears won’t come,
I want to smile like you do, but it’s impossible for me
I try to let go by forgetting you,
But everything and anything reminds me of you…
I kept on asking myself…
Why? Why did you leave?
How could you leave?
Maybe I am being selfish, but how can I not?
You are my angel, my inspiration, my everything,
I feel like I can’t live on anymore,
Without you, I am broken, worthless, useless,
Do you know how I feel?
Maybe yes, maybe no…
I wonder how you are feeling,
Happy? Sad? Angry?
Not knowing makes the world seem dark and gloomy,
Instead of the usual brightness and happiness,
Will you ever come back?
Please tell me, for I feel like I cannot survive without…
Without your voice, your smile, your everything,
I am nothing,
Lost and confused,
Where will I end up?
The world seems to be spiraling downhill,
Right and wrong seem not to matter anymore,
Kindness is now something of the past,
Where are you?
Come back soon, for I fear it will be too late,
Even so, I still feel that I must,
Must support your everything,
Though my heart is shattered,
My breath taken,
My heart stopped,
My body paralyzed,
I wish you the best, until the very end of this age

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