Thursday, March 22, 2007

Freee!!...Ok, well sorta...xD (cont)

On lighter note, since Bern has recently been motivated to write her fanfics, I have been too. ^o^ I'm going to continue my fanfic and write out the fanfics that have been in my head. Be prepared to read my random weird stories. =) I'm going to create a blog for all my fanfics, so it'll be more organized. =D



WOOO WOOO, I can't wait to read your stories!!!! I am so hooked on writing and reading >.< MAN I bet that's all I'll be doing. Fanfics and school...AHHAHAHAHHAHA


GOT MANDY? ^^ said...

i cant wait to read it!!
haha obnoxious mandy?
love the name!


yo yo ...
i updated a chapter in asteria =D
im gonna work on more now =D

fRoStEd-XiNg said...

you know what! i'm gonna continue my fic tooo! but... i'm havin writer's block... T.T boo hoo