Friday, March 30, 2007

sigh...I HATE PEOPLE!!!

gah. I WAS having a relatively good day today...and then I don't I'm mad and sad? I've come to the conclusion that I really HATE forums..and now i remember why I never joined them in the first place...geez. Such inconsiderate, ignorant, mean, rude people.=.=' Seriously, Asteria is the ONLY forum that has every been welcoming, nice, caring, etc. that i've seen. I got a PM saying " Hi. This your first PM warning.
You did not edit or did not edit with a reasonable post in your following posts. Please re-edit.
Please read the rules. " -_-' could they at least act like their nice??!? I mean on Asteria when people need to edit their's more like.."Hi. Sorry I had to delete your post on so and so thread because it was spam...^o^" You know what I mean?
It's not like the PMs are sent by robots, but actual people, actual feeling? I don't know. MAYBE I am overreacting. but I've been really sick and tired of people in general..I'm seriously about to slap people...>.< On lighter note, I'm really glad Bern, Hoi-san, and Sierra all passed preliminaries! Good luck guys! ^__^ GANBATTE!! ...I kinda wish i would pass too? Just so my day wouldn't end completely crappy...=.='


100%SwtStar_ said...

We lovee youu
*^^* *smooochhh* ^^

YingLing said...

hi phoebe,

aww...don't be mad.

*hugs phoebe*

^^ :)

KRii said...

you did pass preliminary.

and don't be mad.
maybe it's a copy paste thing.
they just copy and paste a message thats prewritten. :P