Monday, March 19, 2007

T__T Mucho stressed out again...

Unfortunately, spring break is over. =.= I don't even consider it a break, I didn't get to rest or anything and I think I'm getting sick again. xD What a sucky life I have. I think I'll go jump off that cliff now. haha. just kidding. ^o^ I'm not suicidal...yet....Bah. Stupid school started again, and I already have BIG chapter tests in 3 of my classes. As if I'm not overworked already, not only do I have to finish my research paper that is impossible to concetrate on, but I have to catch up on all my Chinese homework, and do 2 projects. Urgh. I don't even want to talk about Chinese School. I wanted to work on my research paper instead of going, but my mom said i hadn't gone many times so she said I had to go at least for the 1st half of class. -_-' My teacher didn't even tell me last time I went to class for 1/2 the time that we we're going to have a test. So, I only knew half of the stuff on the test. Sheesh. Even though my Chinese was good enough for me to figure the last half, she should've at least told me....I completely freaked when she said we had a test. T__T Oh, and the two projects aren't for school. ^__^ One is the BBB Project in Asteria, that will reach TVXQ somehow and the other is the 2nd Jib Project for Shin Hyesung. =) I already know what I'm going to write...but I haven't had any time to even start on them. =.= hee hee. I'm also planning on doing the new project for XING member's birthday. And yes, I'm crazy doing so many projects at one time, but ever since the letter I wrote for the debuting project for XING failed to reach the one in charge of the project, I've been more determined than ever...AJA HWAITING GANBATTE!! to me and all my lovely friends. ^o^
P.S. Bern...O SMAP!!! =D



you can do it...and all those projects will and in their hands!!! and they will think PO is the coolest...OH SMAP!

GOT MANDY? ^^ said...

i want my break now!!
yes, you can do it

100%SwtStar_ said...

my cow OWNS ur cow ?!

jia you pheebehh ~
*hugs *

fRoStEd-XiNg said...

phoebeeeeeeeee :D