Thursday, March 22, 2007

Freee!!...Ok, well sorta...xD

I'm all done with my research paper. I just KNOW I got a bad grade on it. =.=' I didn't put much effort into it, so I guess I don't really care. xD As long as I still end up with an A at the end of the semester, I'll be ok. ^___^ About the projects...I've finally finished the 2nd Jib Project and it's mailed, but I doubt it will get to the one in charge of the project in time. Stupid mailmen left when I was going to mail it. So, it only got mailed today...T__T Good thing I made it nice and simple, if it was like my XING letter, I'd be thinking about it all day long. ....I'm still mad about that...-_-' I spent at least 5 hours doing the entire thing...I used my heart, mind and soul. hahaha. That's a nice song. ^o^ haha. ok...going back to what I was saying. The person in charge of the XING project never told me if she ever received it after the deadline or anything, so I've been pondering on it ever since I found out it didn't reach there in time. I sent it a week early when it was supposed to arrive in 4-6 days, and yet the person didn't receive it. I've come up with a gazillion different possibilities of why...1. Did I put the wrong address? 2. Did I not put enough stamps? 3. Did the one in charge not like it tear up into a million pieces? 4. Did the mailimen accidentally lose it? =( What's really confusing is that when mail is sent to wrong address, the postal service sends it back to the one who sent the mail in the first place. but it's been almost 2 months since I sent it....O.O; I just want to know where it is...can't I just be granted this one desire? >.<

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100%SwtStar_ said...

well.. if you havent put enough stamps..they would let the receiver pay for it. at least thats what they do in holland..
so.. I think ur mail was just for a long time somewhere in the postoffice.. and they havnt rushed it =)
that sucks =p
but there are more projects coming up for xing! (it was for xing right?) ^^